Digital Photos

If we have taken digital photos for you or at an event your involved in, please see our SmugMug page to view them.

Creative & forward thinking media production.

After 21 years of satisfying our clients creating successful marketing material, WLM has developed many modern techniques and strategies that have proven effective. Our extensive equipment inventory and trained crew allows for a variety of creative production techniques.
Wild Lupin Media is becoming home to a creative community of film makers and hobbyists.

See our webTV channel NSLive.tv for modern, cost effective online advertising.

Our new OPEN MEDIA and pay per stream event services simplify media ordering and deliver.
DVD’s are a thing of the past. Stream your event video just like iTunes or Amazon Prime.

Got a website?

Every website should have a professional video to welcome your clients and introduce your products? Don’t mis out, use the most powerful form of media there is.

This Acadia University promo is our latest work.

Websites tend to lack personality, and a professionally made video can inform clients of you products and show them who you are at the same time.

Tired of spending hundreds $$$ on event photos and videos?

Wild Lupin Media has an “Open Mediaevent production service to allow unlimited digital photo and HD video viewing & downloads at virtually any event.

Advertise like it’s 2017

If you have a website and don’t have a good video that explains your product or what you do, you’re behind the competition who does.

Juniper Park  |  NSLive.tv  |  Wild Lupin Media


Event Productions

Mahone Bay aerial footage

Short Demo Reel 2016

Need to film a pilot episode for your project?marker-board

WLM is a great choice for low cost and high quality.
After 22 years of filming experience with minimal budgets we have perfected the art of providing high quality on a shoestring budget.

We offer Closed Captioning Services for TV.
The latest file formats & TVB Telecaster approval service are available

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