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NS-Live-WP-Icon-512BFT Logo Design 2Sponsoring Nova Scotia’s Creative Economy!

Wild Lupin Media is an avid sponsor of creative Nova Scotian content, with a considerable investment in the filming of the pilot episode of Big Foot Town and three years of covering events through NSLive.tv.

Let us know what show concept you have or event you need covered and we’ll see what options are available and tune into our NSLive.tv channel for our Nova Scotian event coverage.



Wild Lupin Media is a preferred CTV Production Supplier for commercials and closed captioned segments.
We offer quality productions for less so you have more air time for the same cost.

Promote Your Event!

If your webcasting or advertising your event with anyone else, you are missing out!

NS-Live-WP-Icon-512NSLive.tv will promote your event on our channel to our established viewers.
A pre-event social media campaign doesn’t hurt either?
When you have your event published on NSLive.tv, it won’t go unnoticed.

Promote your event with our NSLive.tv channel on Vimeo.

Social Media, we’re on it!