4K Filming. Yes / No

Is 4k really worth the investment?

Lately colleagues have chided us for being behind the times in not using 4k. From a client perspective, we’ve had zero demand for 4k. We were the first in Nova Scotia to offer full HD wedding videos on Blu-ray discs and to date, after filming more than 80 weddings we have only produced 4 in full HD.

If we mention 4K to a client the answer has basically been “It’s probably not necessary for our project”.

There are obvious technical benefits which help us deliver a better final product when the filming is done in 4k, e.g.:  in post, cropping, stabilizing, reframing etc… Additional clarity (even at 1080p) etc..

Video Frame Resolution Comparison
Video Frame Resolution Comparison – Vertical Reference

But as a business product those advantages have a cost in terms of equipment, editing and rendering time, storage and data management.

Raising our rates to cover these costs may put us at a competitive disadvantage in a market where few people understand why things cost what they do.

We understand the enthusiasm for new advancements but from a business point of view is 4k worth the investment and is it an investment that can be recouped?