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Willemjan and Elaine Wedding

Congratulations to Elaine & Willem.

Wedding party
Groomsmen – Lourens Schep, Tjeerd Schep, Sean Delong
Bridesmaids – Allyson Sawler, Elizabeth Nichols, Michelle Sawler

Location: Manning Chapel, Acadia University.


Never Host Your Own Videos

Lower Thirds

What are lower thirds,  why are they important?

The use of lower thirds is a long held TV production method to present viewers with information on the current speaker or topic of the video without being overly disruptive.

Peter is a great guy but not everyone knows him, so the lower third helps tie everything together. 

When an event is live streamed lower thirds must be made ahead of time [pre-production]. Recorded events can have lower thirds added in post-production.

WLM can and does use lower thirds to raise the quality of your production.




Hadassa House

Drug addition is the number one health issue to date and Hadassa House needs you to support their pill bottle campaign in order to achieve their goals to open a facility to provide support and guidance for addicted women.
This video utilized a number of our professional services.

  • Custom 3D graphics created in Adobe After Effects®
  • Studio filming
  • iPad Teleprompter
  • Studio photography
  • a few stock images
  • Royalty free music


Live Switcher

BlackMagic Design ATEM-1

The live switcher is a powerful production tool that gives the ability to select between one of eight HD inputs.

This unit is at the hear of our Gig A Bit Studio  and is ideal for creating TV style productions or amazing A/V presentations.

Never watch someone load up Powerpoint again.

Remote Production Camera

Using this sturdy motorized head from Kessler® we have the ability to mount a camera almost anywhere and operate it remotely. This unit can be hung or mounted on a flat surface. With a height of only 2.5′ this unit can be placed downstage or mounted on a truss for camera angles that can’t normally be achieved.

The operator has full 3 axis motorized control of the camera. With an extension cable for the camera controller this combo as shown can be remotely operated from up to 50′ away.


WLM Opens Live Streaming Studio

Another creative first for WLM is the Gig A Bit Live Streaming Studio. This studio is a first for Nova Scotia and is open and free to performers. The studio offers professional lighting, audio capture and multi-camera HD streaming to FacebookLIVE or YouTube.

Never before have Nova Scotian artists had a place like this to demonstrate their abilities and promote themselves to the world. NOTE: This studio is portable for [on location] professional streaming and production of events, concerts etc…