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WLM Opens Live Streaming Studio

Another creative first for WLM is the Gig A Bit Live Streaming Studio. This studio is a first for Nova Scotia and is open and free to performers. The studio offers professional lighting, audio capture and multi-camera HD streaming to FacebookLIVE or YouTube.

Never before have Nova Scotian artists had a place like this to demonstrate their abilities and promote themselves to the world. NOTE: This studio is portable for [on location] professional streaming and production of events, concerts etc…

Expanded Audio Capabilities

The recent addition of a Zoom F4 multi-track field recorder, WLM has added tremendous power to it’s audio processing and recording abilities. Now up to 8 audio tracks can simultaneously be recorded with accurate timecode synchronization between video recorded in camera and audio recorded in the F4.

This unit gives WLM a huge a leap forward in the audio department, expanding on their TV, film and event production abilities.

Juniper Park

December 2016 – Episodic webseries “Juniper Park” is currently in the pre-production stage.

Anyone interested in helping with any part of the production process including writing, screen play, producing, etc.. please let us know.

When the time comes there will be a great number of production and acting positions that will need to be filled your assistance in the preproduction process would expedite this process.