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Remote Production Camera

Using this sturdy motorized head from Kessler® we have the ability to mount a camera almost anywhere and operate it remotely. This unit can be hung or mounted on a flat surface. With a height of only 2.5′ this unit can be placed downstage or mounted on a truss for camera angles that can’t normally be achieved.

The operator has full 3 axis motorized control of the camera. With an extension cable for the camera controller this combo as shown can be remotely operated from up to 50′ away.


Graduation Streaming

Our professional streaming services open the doors for many possibilities.

  • Learning Opportunities
  • Revenue Generation (sponsorships)
  • Accessibility
  • School Promotion

Professional streaming of any school event, like a Graduation ceremony can be turned into a class project where WLM teaches the students how to produce, pre-product and film a live web show via

Live events open the door providing advertising options to corporate sponsors that can cover the costs of the program while receiving tremendous advertising from their support.

With multi-platform streaming now a reality and social media news feed algorithms giving priority to live video, audience reach is now greater then ever.

Video Yearbook

Video Yearbook

Photos are great but do now you can remember what you classmates sounded and acted like in full HD.

The video year book puts a modern spin on this age old tradition replacing  photos with video clips using the power of HD video to bring back more vivid memories that ever thought possible.

Contact us for more information on how your school can produce amazing memories with the WLM Video Yearbook.

Disc Publishing

Utalizing  the power of a Epson PP-100n  Disc Publisher WLM can produce CD’s and DVD’s with high resolution, full colour labels with speed and efficiency.

This state of the art machine increases our productivity with the ability to publish batches of 100 discs in one go.





Post Production

When filming or photographing, always come as close to the desired look and feel as possible.

Only when the director, director of photography and lighting departments come together is this possible.

Although much can be accomplished in postproduction with colour grading and special effects, the least processing that needs to be done the better the results.

WLM has divided it’s post production work into two categories

  1. Standard Editing: Using the full power of Adobe® PremierePro CC we can colour grade, adjust, align, stabilize, cut, crop etc, etc etc.. to create the perfect timeline for your video.
  2. Full Editing: Same as above but adding the amazing power of the Adobe® After Effects CC 3D animation package which takes the possibilities to entirely new levels. . Incorporating the use of this world class graphical software uses many more computer resources thus comes with additional costs.

NOTE: WLM doesn’t deliver or provide raw footage. With our world class post production facilities there is no need to have our professional footage taken to anyone else for editing.

4K Filming. Yes / No

Is 4k really worth the investment?

Lately colleagues have chided us for being behind the times in not using 4k. From a client perspective, we’ve had zero demand for 4k. We were the first in Nova Scotia to offer full HD wedding videos on Blu-ray discs and to date, after filming more than 80 weddings we have only produced 4 in full HD.

If we mention 4K to a client the answer has basically been “It’s probably not necessary for our project”.

There are obvious technical benefits which help us deliver a better final product when the filming is done in 4k, e.g.:  in post, cropping, stabilizing, reframing etc… Additional clarity (even at 1080p) etc..

Video Frame Resolution Comparison
Video Frame Resolution Comparison – Vertical Reference

But as a business product those advantages have a cost in terms of equipment, editing and rendering time, storage and data management.

Raising our rates to cover these costs may put us at a competitive disadvantage in a market where few people understand why things cost what they do.

We understand the enthusiasm for new advancements but from a business point of view is 4k worth the investment and is it an investment that can be recouped?

Showdown Dance Competition 2017

Showdown Dance Competition

Wild Lupin Media once again proved itself as Nova Scotia’s top event production company by suppling the highest quality video and photos seen at any dance completion in the province.

Tired of spending hundreds on photos and videos at competitions?
Wild Lupin Media has a system to allow unlimited photo and HD video downloads at almost any event.
Have the event organizers contact us for all the details on how to make this possible.

Wild Lupin Media was proud to be this years media supplier for the Showdown Dance Competition
You are welcome to view and order digital photos online.
WLM Online Photo Ordering ]

Please Email us to order videos on DVD or Blu-ray®.
[Standard DVD] First routine – $20, $10 per additional routine per disc order.
[HD Blue-Ray®] First routine – $30, $15 each additional.
20 routines maximum per disc.

Congratulations to all the amazing dancers who competed at the competition.

Chroma Keying

It’s not easy being green, so we remove it!

Live HD Chroma Keying

A powerful tool used with Live Webcasts and recorded productions.
“Live Keying” involves  keying without the need for post production, it’s done as it happens”.

Chroma Keying

Chroma Keying is difficult to do well and best left to the professionals.

This sample shows the exceptional quality WLM is capable of even in small town Kentville. Note the clean flawless edges that are free of green highlights that are often created when keying is done incorrectly.

Our 20+ years of experience are showing.

MindTap Final WLM Still003 700a

This sample has a keyed background and 3D phone graphic we created from scratch on top. Now that’s as good as it gets.

MindTap Final WLM Still002 700a

Half Acre Café Signage

Digital Signage 02-400.jpgOur first signage location is this warm and inviting community hub which has proven to be an ideal location to display our cinematography and your advertisements.

Our installed digital signage unit allows us to reach a local market with the most affordable rates in the digital signage industry.

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Music Videos

Live Concert Recordings or Multitrack Music Videos for distribution

WLM can work with your budget to produce the best quality possible. Our large in-house production inventory allows us to work on time offering many features at low cost.


NaTuRe SpEaKs 2015

A single promotional segment from the NaTuRe SpEaKs concert at the Al Whittle Theatre in 2015
Johanne McInnis is the driving force between this spell binding visual and auditory experience.
With 3 cameras rolling and multiple blended layers this clip shows the creative power of WLM and the Adobe CC post production suite.

Andy & Ariana

Their 2014 CD release “Eye to Eye” was recorded with two professional Sony production cameras producing this full HD recording. This highly acclaimed musical duo is the pride of the Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia where they have been at the forefront of the music scene there for years.

Let us know if your interested in having your event recorded professionally.
Mike Milne makes the introduction for Andy and Ariana, and the audience is welcomed with the first song “Good to be Home”

The Wanderer…

The Ant and the Cricket

Recorded in stunning 1920×1080 60i EXCAM 50mbps video by Wild Lupin Media