Chroma Keying

It’s not easy being green, so we remove it!

Live HD Chroma Keying

A powerful tool used with Live Webcasts and recorded productions.
“Live Keying” involves  keying without the need for post production, it’s done as it happens”.

Chroma Keying

Colour Keying is difficult to do well and best left to the professionals.
This sample shows our latest key, note the clean flawless edges. Our years of experience are showing.

MindTap Final WLM Still003 700a

This sample has a keyed background and 3D phone graphic on top. Now that’s professional.

MindTap Final WLM Still002 700a

Virtual Studios are now available!

A Personal Video Message Demo! “Et Tu Brute”.
Filmed using our Green Screen setup and post production keying in Adobe Premiere Pro.
Bad acting is optional!