Corporate Use Media Licenses

All media captured and or produced by Wild Lupin Media is the copyrighted property of Wild Lupin Media and is licensed for use by the terms described by the licensing agreements below.

Tier 1 License:

This media license allows for the following provisions:

  • Unlimited distribution, (including digital means)
  • Unlimited duplication (both printed and online)
  • A copyright water mark will be applied at the discretion of WLM
  • No editing or alterations of any type are permitted
  • No direct resale is permitted
  • Indirect resale may also be excluded and will be looked at on an individual basis.

Printed material:

  • A single print run is allowed.

Tier 2 License:  

This license is an extension of the Tier 1 license and transfers the copyright to the client.

  • WLM relinquishes the copyright to the material in question transferring it to the client.
  • Direct resale is allowed.
  • Editing and retouching is allowed as the client requires.

Printed material:

  • Unlimited print usage and distribution.