Juniper Park – TV Series

juniper-park-2017-headerWith the authors permission to use the original Juniper Park scripts David Lane and  Annapolis Valley based production company Wild Lupin Media will be working together again.

We feel that the success of this show will depend on the development of a solid script that includes lots of character depth and original storylines, thus we will be taking our time and placing a great deal of emphasis on this part of the production.

If your interested in Video Production and Script Writing then join our facebook page.

Downloadable Forms

jp-nondisclosure-agreement  **
jp-participant-info-sheet **
Both of these forms must be filled out and returned to WLM for participation in the JP project.



Anyone who is a member of the board of directors or takes part in the executive decision making process for any company that have an outstanding account balance with Wild Lupin Media, is currently not eligible for involvement with this or any other Wild Lupin Media productions. Reasoning withheld to preserve privacy. We hope this decision will not effect the spirit of community involvement and prosperity which we hope to achieve with this or any other project.