Music Videos

Live Concert Recordings or Multitrack Music Videos for distribution

WLM can work with your budget to produce the best quality possible. Our large in-house production inventory allows us to work on time offering many features at low cost.


NaTuRe SpEaKs 2015

A single promotional segment from the NaTuRe SpEaKs concert at the Al Whittle Theatre in 2015
Johanne McInnis is the driving force between this spell binding visual and auditory experience.
With 3 cameras rolling and multiple blended layers this clip shows the creative power of WLM and the Adobe CC post production suite.

Andy & Ariana

Their 2014 CD release “Eye to Eye” was recorded with two professional Sony production cameras producing this full HD recording. This highly acclaimed musical duo is the pride of the Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia where they have been at the forefront of the music scene there for years.

Let us know if your interested in having your event recorded professionally.
Mike Milne makes the introduction for Andy and Ariana, and the audience is welcomed with the first song “Good to be Home”

The Wanderer…

The Ant and the Cricket

Recorded in stunning 1920×1080 60i EXCAM 50mbps video by Wild Lupin Media