OPEN Media Event Service

It’s 2018 and no one wants DVD’s any more.

YouTube and Netflix are very successful HD streaming platforms.
So why are you still buying standard definition DVD’s of your children’s events.

Our OPEN MEDIA service eliminates the tedious ordering process and streamlines the delivery process allowing easy online access to HD event videos and photos. Everyone enjoys inexpensive and accessible video and photos.

High Quality & Low Cost
A low single fee per participant gives you and them online access to your HD event videos or photos.

Event organizers can also save money and must contact us to implement the OPEN MEDIA service.
Dance, Skating, Music Recitals, Concerts, Sports, Competitions… 
Some conditions apply:  Every event participant must pay the fee as part of their registration.
The fee will vary depending on the number of participants and duration of the event..

Download the Event Organizers Info. (pdf document 263 KB)

WLM is the premiere dance and event production company in Nova Scotia.
Don’t believe me, watch this two camera promo.

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