Post Production

When filming or photographing, always come as close to the desired look and feel as possible.

Only when the director, director of photography and lighting departments come together is this possible.

Although much can be accomplished in postproduction with colour grading and special effects, the least processing that needs to be done the better the results.

WLM has divided it’s post production work into two categories

  1. Standard Editing: Using the full power of Adobe® PremierePro CC we can colour grade, adjust, align, stabilize, cut, crop etc, etc etc.. to create the perfect timeline for your video.
  2. Full Editing: Same as above but adding the amazing power of the Adobe® After Effects CC 3D animation package which takes the possibilities to entirely new levels. . Incorporating the use of this world class graphical software uses many more computer resources thus comes with additional costs.

NOTE: WLM doesn’t deliver or provide raw footage. With our world class post production facilities there is no need to have our professional footage taken to anyone else for editing.