Production Steps


The art of filmmaking involves the use of a strategic process, we are here to work with you through the entire process including pre-production.

Pre-Production aka Scriptwriting

Write out as many details or points you can think of that are integral to the message you want in your video. This can be as simple as a point by point list or as detailed as you like. This “script” allows us to better understand what will be needed when it comes time film. The “script” also helps us to create a production schedule as well as being used as a production guide so filming goes quicker and smoother. The post-production [editing] workflow will be made more efficient as well.


The level of production is dictated by the budget we have to work with and typically effects things like the type of cameras and size of the production crew. e.g.: a TV production cameras require an operator and a focus puller to be operated optimally.
Typically we will film in full High Definition (HD) on all of our shoots, with 4K being an option.
Depending on the scale and budget of the production crew size will vary from 2 to 5.

Crew Jobs: Camera Operator | Audio Technician | Focus Puller | Lighting Technician | Director | Key Grip...

In some cases an interviewer may be needed if you require interviews or testimonials from clients / visitors.
Our crew bring a range of lighting and audio equipment to every shoot.

Professional voice-over and teleprompter services are available

Post production


Our in house editors make use of our Adobe Production Suite offering full post production services.


Once we have edited an initial proof copy, we send you the film to view, we offer 1 free re-edit for one list of changes you require to get the film just as you envision it.


The video will include royalty free music for flow and feeling. Custom music is available, additional budget allowances will be required for music production and licensing.


We will provide a web version, a version for presentations / events and a dvd version (we can copy around 10 non branded dvds for no extra cost).