Live Streaming

ON-AIR-BlinkIf your webcasting  (aka live streaming) with anyone else you are missing out!  With HD TV production cameras and Wirecast® 6.0 we can produce professional streams.

Trust the experienced professionals who do more, give proper advice and don’t miss the details!

Acadia University Press ReleaseThe VENUE?

Lights,  Cameras, Audio, Action!
With either single or  multi-camera streams we can turn any venue into a full TV production.

Live Webcasting requires specialized  equipment and training. With the WLM production professionals, you have an experienced team behind your production.  In addition to standard live production components, WLM also provides:

  • Producer Services
  • On-camera Talent
  • Post-Production Highlights & Sizzle Reels
  • Live Fundraisers aka webathon’s <–

Our Gig A Bit Studio is Nova Scotia’s first live streaming studio?

FREE to Nova Scotia performers to promote themselves.

Webcasts can have many professional TV features.

Custom Lower Thirds, just like on TV

Promotional Broadcasts

  • World Wide Distribution
  • Affordable
  • Uses exsisting infrastructure

The future is here, don’t get left behind with antiquated advertising methods see us about event sponsorship or broadcasting your event or pro-mercial.

Live Events 

We can produce your fundraiser, event, meeting, awards ceremony and help you reach a world wide audience!

Helping you succeed with high quality media.

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