Wedding Webcasts

Are there Family and Friends that can’t make it to your wedding?
Webcast it live to the internet for everyone to watch as it happens.

Wild Lupin Media offers Discovery Channel HD Quality for your wedding!

  • Personalized Web Page
  • Unlimited viewers
  • CD quality audio
  • Ceremony and Reception Packages
  • Single or Multiple Camera Options
  • Posting & Sharing to Social Media
  • Made Public or Password protected

Don’t trust your wedding to amateurs , let the experienced professionals do it right.

Wedding Webcast Pricing:
Contact us for further details.

Coming soon…

Of course you want a professional wedding video.
Soon, your wedding could be the focus of‘s “Brides & Tides®” reality web series.

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a reality TV star? Our cameras will follow you from engagement to wedding day and beyond. We will make you the stars of your own webisode featured on our popular streaming site.

Bring a pen to sign autographs!

Helping you succeed with high quality media.

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