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Post Production

When filming or photographing, always come as close to the desired look and feel as possible.

Only when the director, director of photography and lighting departments come together is this possible.

Although much can be accomplished in postproduction with colour grading and special effects, the least processing that needs to be done the better the results.

WLM has divided it’s post production work into two categories

  1. Standard Editing: Using the full power of Adobe® PremierePro CC we can colour grade, adjust, align, stabilize, cut, crop etc, etc etc.. to create the perfect timeline for your video.
  2. Full Editing: Same as above but adding the amazing power of the Adobe® After Effects CC 3D animation package which takes the possibilities to entirely new levels. . Incorporating the use of this world class graphical software uses many more computer resources thus comes with additional costs.

NOTE: WLM doesn’t deliver or provide raw footage. With our world class post production facilities there is no need to have our professional footage taken to anyone else for editing.

Juniper Park – TV Series

juniper-park-2017-headerWith the authors permission to use the original Juniper Park scripts David Lane and  Annapolis Valley based production company Wild Lupin Media will be working together again.

We feel that the success of this show will depend on the development of a solid script that includes lots of character depth and original storylines, thus we will be taking our time and placing a great deal of emphasis on this part of the production.

If your interested in Video Production and Script Writing then join our facebook page.

Downloadable Forms

jp-nondisclosure-agreement  **
jp-participant-info-sheet **
Both of these forms must be filled out and returned to WLM for participation in the JP project.



Anyone who is a member of the board of directors or takes part in the executive decision making process for any company that have an outstanding account balance with Wild Lupin Media, is currently not eligible for involvement with this or any other Wild Lupin Media productions. Reasoning withheld to preserve privacy. We hope this decision will not effect the spirit of community involvement and prosperity which we hope to achieve with this or any other project.

WordPress Tutorial #2

WordPress 3.9.1

First, if you haven’t already installed the latest upgraded to WordPress 3.9.1 you should do that right away. There are a number of updated features you can take advantage of.

Watch this video to learn more about these new powerful features.


What you see is what you get!

The latest version of WordPress has incorporated this technology making it more like you typical word processor application that you are probably used to using

From showing galleries and other media in the design screen to drag and drop editing of single images, this new version will seem much advanced and simpler and quicker to achieve the desired results.

Enjoy these new functions and happy web designing.


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WordPress Tutorial #1


Happy New Year!

Thanks for a great year…
We are starting off the new year with the first in a series of helpful tips and hints for our valued WordPress users.
Some of these items you will already know but for those of you who are new users, you may not.
image-11Logging in to your site sounds simple enough and really it is, but there are no visual indicators on a WordPress site to help you find the needed login screen.

This is done on purpose so visitors to your site have a more pleasant browsing experience and your site looks more professional.
Besides, isn’t it frustrating to see a login area that is not meant for you, even if you understand the reasoning behind it, it’s still annoying to be locked out of anything.
Here are the steps to finding your login screen.
1) Load your site in your favourite browser.
type your domain in the address bar of your browser or click on bookmarked link.
2) Type “/wp_admin” following your domain name and press ‘return’.
Note: You have to be on the base address of your site for this to work!
You should now be redirected to the login page for your site, which is where you want to be.  The only other thing to do is to enter your login credentials [aka your user name and password] to gain access to the administrative area of your site. 
And it’s just that easy. 

We recommend adding the login page link to your bookmarks or favourites so you can skip this tedious step in the future making life much more enjoyable.
More Wordpress tips and hints to come soon.
Thanks for your support!