DJI Ronin M

A good portion of the Halifax Colour Festival video was filmed with the Ronin M.

Our DJI Ronin M is shown here all decked out to film your event.
It’s the perfect rig to film events of all types!



The DJI Ronin M is a just one of our many pro tools for TV and film production.

Professional product photography by Wild Lupin Media
This handheld gimble creates unbelievably smooth shots while the camera is in motion. With many mounting options such as hand held, vehicle mounts, sliders and jibs this versatile rig is a very powerful edition to our production lineup.


The DJI Ronin M is just one of the many professional tools we have for TV and Film production.IMG_6005-001
You never know where we might stick this thing!
JIB Cut Out 500
You might even have seen it at an event or two.